michael holz

Michael Holz : an experienced digital strategist with skills spanning across numerous aspects of innovation, technology, consumer behavior and thinking.

I've also spent time working in the fast paced world of startups, dedicating over 3 years to developing a product and growing an organization to 26 people across 3 different offices.

More importantly I'm a dog owner, Nike & Apple fanboy, pineapple enthusiast, world traveler, basketball player, problem solver, music industry veteran, proud Gator, New Orleans native and a huge sports fan (especially football and NBA).


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These dudes crushed the rain #doge

Manual animated #gif

History of Old Spice Instagrams.

Queens Of The Stone Age - My God Is The Sun

It’s been a while, but @QOTSA deliver a real rock album once again. Go listen.

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Check out the new Old Spice shave prep campaign. It creates a website immediately based on keywords entered in the YouTube masthead. Whoa.

GE nails it. More brands need to think like this when responding to influencers / fans online. 

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