michael holz

Michael Holz : an experienced digital strategist with skills spanning across numerous aspects of innovation, technology, consumer behavior and thinking.

I've also spent time working in the fast paced world of startups, dedicating over 3 years to developing a product and growing an organization to 26 people across 3 different offices.

More importantly I'm a dog owner, Nike & Apple fanboy, pineapple enthusiast, world traveler, basketball player, problem solver, music industry veteran, proud Gator, New Orleans native and a huge sports fan (especially football and NBA).


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Old Spice men don’t watch cat GIFs. Old Spice men make their own cat GIFs from scratch, then watch them. Click HERE to get started.

Click play!

These dudes crushed the rain #doge

Manual animated #gif

History of Old Spice Instagrams.

Queens Of The Stone Age - My God Is The Sun

It’s been a while, but @QOTSA deliver a real rock album once again. Go listen.

What else is new?

Check out the new Old Spice shave prep campaign. It creates a website immediately based on keywords entered in the YouTube masthead. Whoa.

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